Different Types of Garage Conversions & Are They Worth the Money?

Most people tend to think about garage conversions as changing a garage into a room of sorts but what about adding a room on top of a garage? Read on and find out what’s involved

Planning Permission & Building Regulations
Carrying out a conversion to your existing garage to create a habitable room does not usually require planning permission – it does however require Building Regulation approval for areas such as the roof insulation, the new garage wall to replace the garage door, that will require foundations and a new wall and window which falls under building regulations.

Other areas such as thickness of walls, structural openings into main house, electrics, floor insulation may come under building regulations also depending on circumstances.

Adding An Extra Floor
This type of conversion is also getting more popular with more and more homeowners building over their garages to create another room. Garage conversion – ADU It’s called a conversion but in reality it’s an extension.

This form of conversion will require full planning permission in almost all cases and will most definitely require building regulations approval.

Depending on the quality of the existing garage some or almost all of it may have to be taken down. Whereas the old foundations for the garage may well have been adequate for a single floor sub-standard building the new building will be for 2 floors which will be heavier so the foundations may well have to be upgraded or possibly underpinned.

In a way this form of garage conversion if much like a two floor extension so if you have to demolish a lot of your existing garage don’t forget the new ground floor can be used for any type of room in other words it doesn’t have to go back as a garage.

Garage Conversion Design Guide
One of the worst things I have come across with regard to garage conversion is when the front of the garage had been redone in a way that is not in keeping with the main house.

Probably the biggest mistake is to use different brickwork to the main house. After that it’s the choice of window. Just think about it for a minute, if the main house windows are clear timber casement windows why would you want to install a uPVC double glazed fake Tudor window? It might sound crazy but people do it all the time so always remember to try and make the garage conversion as much as possible like the main building.

Conclusion Conversions are increasing in popularity, are affordable and add great value to your home. You can get quotes and compare prices for any type of Garage Conversion atĀ Garage Conversion SupermarketĀ The UK’s Leading Price Comparison Site For Garage Conversions.

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